Orange – I’m pretty sure it’s the color of excitement!

It is no secret that I am over the moon delighted by the fact that I have one shoot and two upcoming weddings in which I will be using orange as an accent color. I simply cannot wait to infuse a touch of this happy hue to each of these lovely designs. I am so anxious, in fact, that I decided to whip up some orange chalk paint and go to town on an unassuming antique dresser. Here is the awesomeness that ensued:

antique dresser, wedding, orange, antique window, coffee filters

It is, indeed, vibrantly orange and delicately distressed with brand new hardware to accent the original keyholes.

wedding, antique dresser, orange, keyhole

I left the top completely natural but added a hefty layer of sealer. It reminds me of an antique orange crate – more on that reference at a later date.

antique dresser, wedding, natural wood

As for the ‘&’ in the antique window, drop by tomorrow for a play-by-play of what the heck all of that fluffy wonderfulness is and just how I created that little spectacle!

Until then,



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