A Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding! No, really.

I am the luckiest wedding designer in the world. I seem to hit the jackpot of brides with impeccable taste and the willingness to trust me to bring their vision to life. Estee was no exception to my dream bride rule. She tied the knot with her groom, Taylor, at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market in beautiful fashion. Here are a few preliminary images of the true-to-venue fete.

For this farmers market wedding, Estee wanted a, well, farmers market.

rustic wedding, farm stand, mason jars, favors

farm stand, rustic wedding, farmers market

Over 200 pieces of canned wonderfulness adorned our rustic farm stand. Estee offered: dill pickles, cherries, hot sauce, bean salad, jalapenos, banana peppers, handmade soaps, bath salts, bags full of candy, and a list of other amazing treasures to her guests. It was a true sight to behold!

rustic wedding, farm stand, honey favors

rustic wedding, farm stand, favors

The dessert display was simply lovely. Estee chose Wendy Woo Cakes to provide the sugary goodness for her big day. Wendy is a friend of mine and we have collaborated on several events so it was a match made in heaven.

rustic wedding, farmers market, Orlando, 2+Hue rentals and design, farm stand

farmers market wedding, rustic, antique scale, yellow cupcake

farmers market wedding, rustic, mini ruffle cake, yellow, dessert pedestal

Every inch of the farmers market was appointed with elements that defined rustic elegance.

rustic florida wedding, farmers market, pallet, mason jars

And, of course, there was no shortage of handmade details.

rustic wedding, crates, mason jars, handmade fabric flowers

…and chalkboards.

rustic wedding, farmers market, chalkboard

chalkboard, arrow, rustic wedding, guestbook

This is just the beginning, there are a lot more images from Estee and Taylor’s wedding that I cannot wait to share! Stay tuned for more from their big day.


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