Wonderland Unveiled (sort of)

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from brides is, “Where do you keep all of your stuff?” Long ago, my inventory of large pieces of furniture outgrew the confines of my home. So, there is a storage unit/warehouse around the corner from 2+Hue Central that houses my dressers and buffets and things too cumbersome to place on a shelf. As for all the little details, the exclamation points that really make my heart sing, they do live in my home – specifically, in my office.

It is here where I finalize my mock-ups, develop proposals, brainstorm new design concepts. I love being surrounded by such breakable loveliness. Towers of shelving boast years of devoted hoarding. Put simply, it’s a lot like Wonderland.

 Rows of custom gilded glassware patiently awaits their turn to showcase pretty little blooms.


A hobnail milk glass goblet takes center stage.

Orlando, vintage wedding designer, milk glass, white

While I return emails and phone calls, the sunlight streams through my top-shelf collection of colored glassware.

vintage weddings, Orlando, amber glass, hobnail

vintage wedding, Orlando, rentals, amber glass

vintage wedding, Orlando, antiques, blue, green, glass goblets

I am inspired in this quiet little corner of the world. And, that inspiration translates to the real life weddings of my couples. I never dreamed that I would have an office with such an amazing view.


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