Petaled Loveliness

vintage wedding, milk glass, peonies, ranunculus, roses, anemones

It was a natural progression, a single step closer toward wedding utopia. The whispers are true. I now offer floral design exclusively to my clients. The truth is, I have been considering taking the plunge for several months. I have lost track of the number of times my brides have pleaded with me to assume complete creative control over their weddings. To not only design all of the fabulous small details of their tablescapes, but to also arrange the perfect flowers to compliment the style of the wedding. To ensure a cohesive approach to the most important day of their lives.

Quietly and behind the scenes, I began dutifully researching florals. I took the necessary scaffolding to heart – the seasons of my favorite blooms, the availability of each, the actual cost of petaled loveliness. And the rest – the traditional approach to “centerpieces”, the rules of floral design, the “do this not that” – well, I threw that out the window.

I know what my brides want in terms of floral design and I know how difficult it is for them to express their style. I know that very few want a traditional centerpiece. That most want the flowers to serve as simple accents, often understated and always, always, organic in appearance. They want the natural charm of a gathering of hand-selected florals reminiscent of having just been plucked from a dreamy meadow. I can appreciate the aesthetic of a three feet tall grand centerpiece festooning and spilling about the confines of a gigantic crystal vase, but that’s really not my bag. And, for the most part, it’s not my brides’ bags either.

milk glass, peonies, hydrangea, anemones, ranunculus, gold flatware, antique place setting

What we love is a scattered tablescape approach to design. Never heard of a scattered tablescape approach to design? There is a reason for that – I just coined the phrase. It is the best way in which to describe how I see florals which, in true 2+Hue fashion, is all about pushing the boundaries of what is customary. Being ever more creative, sprinting toward the end of the dock and swan diving into the water as opposed to dipping a toe in. Rather than one single vessel defining the space at the center of the table, I used 41 individual containers for this particular design. Each piece of milk glass was hand selected. Each piece of gold glass was custom created by – you guessed it -me.

roses, milk glass, peonies, ranunculus, vintage tablescape, pink, white, ivory

It is simply impossible to go wrong with the winning combination of: peonies, ranunculus, spray roses and hydrangea.

anemone flower, white, milk glass, vintage tablescape

Add some anemones to the mix and you have an aesthetic unrivaled.

ranunculus, milk glass, vintage tablescape

Ranunculus in a tiny custom gold goblet.

anemone, peonies, pink, white, hydrangea, milk glass, gold, vintage tablescape

If you could bottle happiness, I think that it would look a whole lot like this.

pink roses, milk glass, hydrangea, vintage tablescape, white

Simplicity is gorgeous. Period.

milk glass, pink rose, vintage tablescape

milk glass, blush rose, vintage tablescape, wedding

To say that I am excited about this next phase in 2+Hue’s magical journey is a vast understatement. I cannot wait to share more of my creations with my brides. They never cease to inspire me and I can only hope that the feeling is mutual. Stay tuned for our next blog post, “Cotton Pickin’ Prettiness!”


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