Words to live by.

Never miss the opportunity to open all of the windows when the temperatures hover between 70 and 76 degrees.

Never pass by a tried and true shop without popping in.

And that is exactly how I found these lovely new tufted additions to the 2+Hue inventory:

tufted velvet chairs, antique, vintage wedding, southern

One of the most frequently asked questions that I am presented with is, “Where do you get all of your stuff?” And, though it may at first pass seem to require a straight-forward reply, it really is not that simple. There is not one go-to honey hole of awesomeness from which I build my inventory. It is more closely described as a lifestyle of hitting every possible antique/thrift/resale store that I come across. Throw in an estate sale here and there and those treasured stores and flea markets near my parent’s home in North Carolina and, oh my stars, I could easily be mistaken for a hoarder. Though it may seem a daunting challenge, I love every minute of tracking down little (and big) pieces of perfection for my brides.

tufted antique chair, vintage wedding, southern

I mean, really, who could not just love this?


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