From 2+Hue with love: Thank you & Happy New Year!

I know that look. I have seen it illuminate the faces of my brides on their wedding day at the first peek of the venue – styled just for them – in all its glory. It is a beautifully blissful expression of disbelief and delight. It is what makes my job worth doing. All the very late nights, the numerous handmade crafts in various stages of completion splayed about my house, the lifting of super heavy pieces of furniture, the agonizing over Every. Last. Detail. It all culminates into one night of perfection.

For me, though, it has been one year of perfection. That same look characteristic of my brides has often made its way to my face as well. Every one of my weddings have a special place in my heart. I get to know and love each of my couples, their families, their own sweet story that lead them to an engagement, and ultimately to me. They make me smile, make me laugh, and make my day when they see what I have designed for them.

I launched 2+Hue Designs on a wing and a prayer and an email from a dear woman named Carrie. Her daughter, Bri, was getting married in July and she encouraged me to rent her some of the antique furniture from my home interior collection. Almost instantly, I fell in love with the idea of vintage wedding rentals and before I knew it, I was getting licensed, insured, and learning how to run a business while standing firm in my own two size eights.

Quickly, that one wedding turned into many more and one year passed in the blink of an eye. So, here I sit on the last day of 2012 prepping new client packages, erecting a massive construction project for Cypress Grove, and creating styling details for my 2013 weddings. I am endlessly grateful for all of the blessings that found their way to 2+Hue this year. So many wonderful people have laced their fingers together and given me a leg up when I needed a boost and I truly adore each of you.

A truly heartfelt thank you to:

Bri & Andrew

Jennifer & Todd

Amanda & Scott

Chelsea & Chris

Ali & Keegan

Lydia & Ben

Samantha & Luigi

and to each and every one of my 2013 couples.

And these precious people:

Typically, I keep my children out of the reach of my website and blog. However, I had to include them in my end-of-the-year shout outs. They have endured endless trips to thrift shops, a home reminiscent of a southern wedding explosion/hoarder, a few very late Saturday nights, and their mother’s seemingly ceaseless explanation of the difference between a wedding stylist and a wedding planner. They are my heart.


Abby Grace, my precious daughter for whom my packages are named, though you are completely unaware right now, so much of what I did this year was for you. I want, with every fiber of my being, for you to grow up knowing that girls can do anything that they want to do. They can move furniture, drive U-Hauls, sprint across the floor of a venue in high heels, and build a business from the ground up. I love you. Go do awesome things.


My sweet Bryce, you are quite simply the coolest dude in the world. You are my peace and quiet, my time to exhale. Thank you for exactly who you are. Please never get married. I love you. Go do awesome things. Fine, you can get married, but she had better be amazing.


To Kevin, my husband –  better known as Mr. Hue and the cheapest labor around. You are my very own love story come true. Thanks for putting up with me and this business of mine which spoke for all of your Friday and Saturday nights. You love me in paint stained shorts with no make up, my Tina Fey glasses and my hair in a bun and I wish that for each of my brides. May they find their very own real life storybook ending. Thanks for sticking with the chick from your high school Spanish class. I told you it’d be worth it. Love yas!

To my parents, all of you. I am the ball of energy you know now because of who raised me. I was blessed with a mom who rarely fell short of perfection. Countless times, I have called her after a consult to exclaim, “The bride and her mom reminded me so much of you and I!” She let me be who I needed to be. She let me run around our little beachside neighborhood in bare feet and mismatched clothes. She knew I’d find my groove someday. She was right. And I love her dearly.

I was lucky to have two amazing men to call dad. One helped create me and gave me a gift of seeing a space for what it can be. He works hard and speaks his mind and feels at home in a hardware store. And so do I. My other dad loved me when he didn’t have to. He always told me I could fly. And he was right. And I love them both dearly.

Carrie and Bri, I simply cannot thank you enough for your belief in a girl with a crazily named company. You were a delight to work with and you have remained two wonderful cheerleaders after that beautiful night on the 20th of July. You are so genuinely kind and I adore you both.

Amalie, your friendship and guidance has meant so much to me. You have helped me along this journey of launching and growing a business while laughing and chugging down Starbucks. Your creativity and talent were and always will be an inspiration to me. Thanks for telling it like it is and for understanding my overuse of the word ‘awesomeness’.

Tamuel and everyone at RW Events and Cypress Grove, to me, you are simply the best. Period. Tamuel, I am humbled that you believe in me, that you trust me to design something awesome, that you take time out of your day to chat with me over some Panera. You are an inspiring force of nature and I declare you to be awesome! Tori, you too, my friend. The entire staff at Cypress Grove, you are the ultimate in venues and professionalism. I love every moment of being there with you. Thank you.

In short, what a year! Thank you to all of my couples from 2012 and I cannot wait to send my delightful couples of 2013 down the aisle in style. Happy New Year.




One thought on “From 2+Hue with love: Thank you & Happy New Year!

  1. Ah Sarah, you were a real blessing to us when we met. You have no idea the panic you feel when you realize that anyone you would trust to style your daughters wedding is an invited guest. Bri and I cheerlead because we can’t believe our good fortune that it was you I sent that email to. I don’t know anyone that has your talent, enthusiasm and frankly the energy to do what you do. Congratulations on your first year. We’re looking forward to watching 2plusHue in the many years ahead. Your daughter will have some wedding someday!

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