Steampunk fabulousness

The wedding of Samantha and Luigi was among my very first bookings as I launched 2+Hue in the spring of 2012. During the infancy of my company, I focused heavily on the rentals aspect of the business. At that time, I offered brides the option of styling their weddings themselves and borrowing my furniture pieces rather than requiring that they combine both of my services of rentals and styling as I currently do. That stated, Samantha had her heart set on my rustic aisle entrance wall and one of my dressers. For months, she dreamed of the barn doors parting to reveal her in her gown as she began her journey down the aisle to her beloved.

It would be dreamy. It would be magical. It would be outdoors at a venue in a county in which I do not typically work.

It would be all these things until I received a semi-frantic (and rightfully so) phone call from the mother of the bride on an unassuming weekday just ten days shy of the wedding. As I understood the dilemma, the venue – which shall remain nameless – actually double-booked Samantha’s ceremony site and scheduled a food truck party for the exact same location on the exact same day at the exact same time. Needless to say, this revelation sent Samantha and her mom into a frenzied shuffle toward Plan B.

The entire concept of this unfortunate scheduling misstep truly touched my heart and I vowed to do whatever was in my power to ensure that Samantha and Luigi could still have the wedding of their dreams. Due to the venue switcharoo, my aisle entrance wall was no longer able to be utilized so the bride opted to give me the creative freedom to style the sweetheart table.

I selected my most favorite French Provincial dining table complete with our newly finished matching sweetheart chairs. Having been given the instructions to create a tablescape in keeping with their steampunk theme, I got busy.

handmade pinwheels, copper, steampunk, milk glass, vintage books, antique gold

I am always up for a styling challenge and the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone of traditional vintage and rustic, so the edginess of a steampunk wedding certainly appealed to me. I immediately knew that I wanted to have two prominent features to anchor the tablescape. After a day of brainstorming, I settled on two large milk glass goblets filled with handmade pinwheels crafted from vintage novel pages.

handmade pinwheels, vintage books, steampunk, copper wire, milk glass

To compliment the vintage paper, I wanted to bring a touch of industrial into the steampunk mix. I opted for a thin copper wire swirl to accent the center of the pinwheels.

steampunk wedding, milk glass, vintage novel pinwheels, copper wire

Never a fan of the confines of precision, I chose a mostly whimsical style of placing the pinwheels into the goblets.

Flanking each side of the milk glass goblets, were small stacks of vintage novels topped by a small ornate frame that I refinished in an antiqued gold. The frames held squares of paper that I stamped with a traditional steampunk pointing finger aimed at either the “Mr” or the “Mrs”. The lettering was scripted by hand without much fanciness, just a pencil.

steampunk, vintage novels, gold frame, calligraphy

The most time consuming detail of Samantha and Luigi’s tablescape came in the form of the nail and copper ampersand. I began with a rectangle of salvaged wood that I painted a soft pink then distressed and antiqued. After designing a template and hammering what seemed like 100 nails into my block of antiqued pink wood, I decided that the nails would provide for a more appealing aesthetic if they were painted then distressed as well. After completing that step, I embarked on the tedious, but rewarding process of threading the copper wire randomly around the nails.

copper and nail art, ampersand, steampunk wedding,

Several spools of wire later, and the ampersand was complete. I have seen my fair share of thread and yarn lettering; but, I have yet to see another copper wire display. I was delighted with how it became the central focal point of the table while staying true to the theme and palette. And, at the end of the big day,

Samantha was happy.

Luigi was happy.

Samantha’s mom was happy.

And they all lived happily ever after in pure steampunk bliss.


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