I can count on two things for every wedding that I style.

First, the couple will be awesome.

Second, they will want an abundance of chalkboards.

My inventory of ornate framed chalkboards has grown by leaps and bounds at the request of my savvy brides-to-be. Though the sentiments may vary slightly from wedding to wedding, there are four themes that seem to appear in each of my soirees. I have selected a few sneak peeks from Lydia and Ben’s big day that I styled this past Friday at Cypress Grove to highlight the most popular topics.

#1: Choose a seat, not a side.

Cypress Grove Estate House, vintage wedding rentals, styling, Orlando, ornate chalkboard, choose a seat not a side

The “Choose a seat, not a side” sentiment is by far my most requested chalkboard design. Staged predominantly as the guests enter the ceremony, this signage eases guest anxiety over which side of the aisle to stake their claim.

#2: The Menu

chalkboard, menu, Cypress Grove Estate House, fancy frame, white

Whether a casual buffet style dinner or a more formal plated serving experience, guests love to be reminded of the culinary delight that awaits them. Additionally, having a chalkboard strategically placed near the beginning of the buffet line is often helpful in ensuring an efficient flow to the buffet process.

#3: The Grand Exit

Orlando vintage rental, styling, Cypress Grove Estate House, ornate chalkboard

Whether it includes: tossing lavender buds, enthusiastically waving sparklers or ribbon wands, blowing bubbles, or anything in between, the grand exit at the conclusion of the reception is a tradition not to be overlooked. However, some guests remain unsure of a bride and groom’s expectations when it comes to the fond farewell. With the assistance of a little stylish signage, everyone will know just what that bucket full of sand and foot long sticks are for.

#4: Lawn Games

Orlando vintage rentals, styling, Cypress Grove Estate House, lawn games chalkboard, white

Let’s face it, lawn games are hot right now. Most often introduced during cocktail hour their popularity continues to entice guests all the way through the reception. Who doesn’t like a good game of cornhole or horseshoes?

#5: The Wild Card

Orlando vintage rentals, styling, Cypress Grove Estate House, smitten chalkboard

Of course, despite the above examples that I can practically count on bringing to every wedding, I am all about personalization. Whether it is simply a word that defines both the bride and the groom, a date-by-date summary of their monumental moments together, or a heartfelt thank you from the happy couple, I love to go off script to create a special message just for them. It is, indeed, all it’s chalked up to be.


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