That’s pretty personal!

Fact: every wedding must have an abundance of custom personalization.

At least, to me that is an undeniable truth. So, when one of my November brides emailed me inquiring about the possibility of creating some reserved seat signage for her big day, I was all too delighted to whip up something wonderful for her.

vintage wedding, burlap, cornflower blue, ivory, handmade sign, reserved seating

Staying true to her palette of French/cornflower blue and ivory, I chose a textured card stock as the base layer. Atop the card stock, I placed rectangular swaths of burlap followed by intricately detailed and hand scribed labels. The signs were all accented with a simple gross grain blue ribbon and – voila – pure goodness was created.

The nine unframed signs will hang from strands of twine on the backs of select chairs to assure the bride and groom’s immediate family members get the best ceremony seats in the house. The three framed signs in the background will be placed at the tables closest to the sweetheart table, again for the close family of the bride and groom.

During the assembly of these signs, I was once again reminded why I so adore my hot glue gun. This is such a simple project that adds just the right amount of handmade quaintness to the overall aesthetic of the day. And, often times, simply handmade is borderline perfection.


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