Oh Honey! Part 2 – The Biscuit Bar

I am a southern girl through and through so I was thrilled when Amalie agreed to the idea of a biscuit bar for our honey inspired styled shoot. And, like essentially everything I create, there was no easy route to the rustic stand that held the delightful buttery dough balls of goodness; so I decided to build one from scratch. In an afternoon punctuated by sawdust, wood stain, and a whole lot of nails, the biscuit stand was created. The next step, of course, was to load the stand into the back of the truck – along with a vast collection of other styling details – and get it to the shoot site. And that is exactly what we did with nary a hitch – so long as you do not count a flat tire a hitch. Nevertheless, we made it with time to spare!

rustic biscuit buffet stand, honey, southern weddings

I decided early on in the planning stages of the shoot that I wanted to add a drink station to the biscuit bar as well. Being from the south, I know that any respectable southern soiree would feature sweet iced tea as the main beverage. I was was delighted to have unearthed the most perfect glass beehive dispenser to hold the tea. Staged beside the tea is a coupling of antique silver platters which held the mix and match crystal goblets – perfect for sipping on something cool on this balmy Florida afternoon. The aesthetic of antique silver combined with vintage crystal is a pairing that is seen often in my designs. I simply adore the two blends and I use that lovely balance every chance I get.

Considering the fact that honey was the unifying inspiration of this shoot, we made sure to showcase a multitude of different varieties of the syrupy sweetness. I opted for a varied sampling of glass apothecary jars, vintage mason jars, and an eclectic collection of pouring vessels to highlight our selections.

southern, vintage, rustic wedding, biscuit buffet, honey

And, of course, the most important part of this vignette was the heart shaped biscuits themselves. Here, I chose another grouping of  mix and match multi-leveled silver platters and serving bowls. A small dollop of strawberry preserves encased in a quaint glass cloche sits atop the tallest platter.

vintage, rustic, southern wedding, biscuit bar

At the end of the day, the biscuit bar styling was all about holding steadfast to our southern wedding inspiration. I am thrilled with the images that emerged from a random, overgrown field in Seminole County. I am proud to have worked with so many other talented vendors on this truly original concept.

As for now, I think I am hungry for sweet tea and biscuits…

Until then,



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