From hot mess to oh yes!

It took two days, one package of sandpaper, and seven total coats of: primer, paint, glaze, and sealant to take our newest piece of inventory from this:

French Provincial dresser

to this:

antiqued pink French Provincial dresser, custom refinished

Reaching back toward my home interior roots, I decided to add a pop of color to my inventory. I like white just as much as the next bride, but sometimes, a piece begs for a little ambitious creativity.

antiqued pink French Provincial dresser, custom hardware antiqued pink refinished dresser, French Provincial pink dresser, antiqued, French Provincial

Instantly, I knew that a soft coat of blush pink was the right choice for this once neglected French Provincial beauty. However, with the intricate design details inherent to this style of dresser, an antiquing glaze was the perfect addition to highlight the graceful curves. I chose a soft gold paint to accent the recessed details on the drawers and coordinated that with an antiqued muted metallic finish on the hardware.

I simply cannot wait to see this piece take center stage as a cake/dessert table, a guest sigh-in, or even a gift table!

Until then,



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