How I ‘See’ a Wedding…

During a venue walk-through with an amazingly fantastic couple yesterday, I attempted to explain to them how I envision weddings. Constantly drawing from my previous experience in home interiors, my goal for each 2+Hue wedding is that the entire venue is transformed into their home. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that I – quite brazenly – declare the Cypress Grove Estate House to be my most favorite venue. I believe that inspired touches of the couple should saturate the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. From customized mantlescapes to personalized vignettes – it is their day, their way, in their “home”.

I consider each wedding a dinner party on the most grand scale. An evening for the bride and groom to host their most cherished family and friends. Whether they want a rustic celebration full of rich wood tones and mason jars, an elegant vintage affair punctuated by antique silver and mercury glass, a truly southern fete steeped in biscuits and honey, fancy florals or centerpieces reminiscent of fields of wildflowers, declare yourselves!

Be who you are.

Have the perfect wedding that reflects you.

I thought of this as I threw together an impromptu dinner party at my home recently.

Vintage Dinner Party, Ball Blue Mason Jars, Antique Tea Pot, Chalkboard

Everything that appeared at the soiree was distinctively Sarah.

Ball Blue Mason Jars, Old Dresser, Chalkboard, Silver

antique English teapot, silver

ball blue mason jars, teapot, silver

Vintage ball blue mason jars juxtaposed against an antique English teapot holding mismatched silver flatware.

yarrow, billy balls, milk glass, astors, rustic

An eclectic mix of milk glass and ‘undone’ florals arranged by yours truly.

astors, milk glass, farm table

astors, milk glass, farm table

Astors, yarrow, larkspur, and Queen Anne’s lace simply make my heart sing.

Milk glass, farm table, astors, larkspur, yarrow, queen anne's lace

milk glass, astors, larkspur, queen anne's lace, farm table

yarrow, milk glass, farm table, rustic, vintage

queen anne's lace, milk glass, vintage, rustic

And, of course, a sprinkling of mismatched vintage china.

vintage china, farm table

All of the above images are things that I love.

Your wedding should be full of details that you love.


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