Every love story is beautiful…

Last week, I was thrilled to add a little 2+Hue style to the Cypress Grove Estate House’s grand tasting. One of the areas that I tackled was the mantel above the fireplace. In addition to some vintage Ball blue mason jars and pops of amber glass, I built a couple of “love notes” from scratch. 


vintage wedding, love notes, decor, wood sign, notebook paper



What began as one-by-threes in the local home improvement store ended up as a pair of totally custom pieces. A little paint, some intensely tediously detailed line work, and a little imagination combined to make boring lumber transform into oversized weathered notebook paper. 

I am constantly brainstorming ideas not yet present in Google images, new and fresh takes on wedding design. I loved the idea of highlighting the romantic notion of a handwritten love note. Particularly in today’s modern-day hectic pace which often reduces us to texting and Facebook messages. I wanted the boards to be imperfect; characterized by blemishes and a little rough around the edges. The handwriting needed to be less than precise and completely organic. The phrasing had to be perfectly succinct and undeniably sincere; and it was.

vintage wedding, handmade love note, sign

Every love story is beautiful…but ours is my favorite.

That is hardly the only detail that I added to the event and more images will be coming soon!

Until then…



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