Because everyone loves great texture. And a little flourish.

I love texture. I really, really love it. I have had this antique window sitting idly in a corner of my garage for much too long. In honor of the antique dresser’s fresh coat of orange, I decided to use the framework of the window to create some complimentary visual interest. I use ampersands often in my wedding designs so it was the natural choice for this project.

hand dyed coffee filters, wedding decor, antique window, & sign

I knew that I wanted the ampersand to be three dimensional; and, instantly, I knew that the generous collection of coffee filters littering the back of my pantry would be the perfect medium. After hand dyeing roughly 100 filters in a bath of brewed tea, I began hot glueing like a mad lady.


Piece by crumpled piece, gorgeous texture was emerging.

hand dyed coffee filters, wedding decor, antique window, & sign, rustic

Once I was pleased with the overall shape of the ‘&’, I used my white paint marker to add some flourish. Because everyone loves a little flourish.

rustic wedding, hand dyed coffee filters, wedding decor, antique window, & sign

So there you have it, a sneak peek into how one of my bright ideas came to life; and, hopefully, a little diy inspiration for good measure. More often than not, the simplest ideas – steeped in brewed tea and creativity – are the loveliest.


Orange – I’m pretty sure it’s the color of excitement!

It is no secret that I am over the moon delighted by the fact that I have one shoot and two upcoming weddings in which I will be using orange as an accent color. I simply cannot wait to infuse a touch of this happy hue to each of these lovely designs. I am so anxious, in fact, that I decided to whip up some orange chalk paint and go to town on an unassuming antique dresser. Here is the awesomeness that ensued:

antique dresser, wedding, orange, antique window, coffee filters

It is, indeed, vibrantly orange and delicately distressed with brand new hardware to accent the original keyholes.

wedding, antique dresser, orange, keyhole

I left the top completely natural but added a hefty layer of sealer. It reminds me of an antique orange crate – more on that reference at a later date.

antique dresser, wedding, natural wood

As for the ‘&’ in the antique window, drop by tomorrow for a play-by-play of what the heck all of that fluffy wonderfulness is and just how I created that little spectacle!

Until then,


Southern Peach Ruffled Love


It was an honor to have our southern peach inspired styled shoot published in Ruffled! The entire concept of the shoot began with a phone call between Amalie Orrange and I back in November. Amalie was itching to do another shoot and I thought that the design that I had created for the Cypress Grove Estate House’s bridal show booths would translate perfectly into a fully developed shoot. We knew early on that blush, mint and gold would anchor the color palette. Throw in some sweet southern whimsy, a crateful of peaches and a fair amount of making it up as I went and – voila – pure loveliness! The entire peach Bellini display was an adventure in last minute styling but I absolutely love how it came to life. Hop on over to Ruffled to check out the full feature; but before you go, enjoy a few of my favorite images of the shoot as well as a totally awesome bonus behind the scenes video.

southern wedding, crystal glasses, vintage, peach, handmade clay tag

vintage wedding, blush, mint, gold, antique china tablescape, peonies, anemonies

vintage wedding, blush, mint, gold, farmhouse table, antique dresser

vintage wedding, blush, gold, antique china, teacup

southern vintage wedding, peach bellini bar, gold

vintage wedding, gold mason jars, southern

southern wedding, peaches, gold mason jars, peach preserves


Vintage or Rustic? How About Both!

I have been eager to write this post for quite some time. So often when I sit down with a bride, I discover that she has succumb to the pressure to envelope her wedding vision inside one of the two following buzzwords:




As a wedding designer, it is my job to listen to her dreams, to take them to heart, and ultimately to usher them forth into reality when her feet hit the aisle. Most brides have a fairly clear idea of the big picture including such elements as the color palette and the overall vibe of the wedding. But, in this age of Pinspiration overload, brides feel as though their wedding needs to fit neatly inside a box. More specifically, a vintage box or a rustic box.

In reality, most of the weddings that I design celebrate the best of both of these worlds. After that initial consult, I prefer to throw the vintage and rustic buzzwords out the window and zero in on precisely which elements of both will combine to make that bride’s day even more perfect than she had hoped. The terms vintage and rustic are purely subjective and vulnerable to many interpretations. They also get along. Beautifully. Like bff beautifully. To prove it, check out my dining room.

vintage farm table, gold log candleholder, antique handkerchiefs

As I have attested to many times in the past, my background in interior design serves me very well when designing a wedding. I apply all of the same fundamentals when styling a wedding as I do appointing a room. Here, I salvaged a log from my neighbor’s ill-fated tree. Yes, seriously. I bored several holes into the top, painted it gold, added some candles and – bam – super cool centerpiece! Now, clearly, this would be considered a rustic element, but add a little gilding and it is the perfect compliment to the vintage lace table runner that it rests upon.

gold log candleholder, lace, wedding centerpiece

Directly behind the dining table sits the mantle and sort-of fireplace (One hundred bonus points to those of you who just realized that this is, indeed the same fireplace that I built for the Cypress Grove Estate House’s bridal show booths. You didn’t think that I would throw that baby away, did you?)

vintage wedding, mantel, candles, antique handkerchief garland

The antique handkerchief garland (stereotypically vintage) hangs from a roughly tethered strand of twine (traditionally rustic). A cheesecloth bow in the middle seemingly forces both elements to hold hands.

vintage wedding, cheesecloth bow


antique handkerchief garland, vintage wedding

antique handkerchief, garland, vintage wedding

Antique milk glass sits beside a simple votive candle. Both of these lovelies are perfect for either a vintage or a rustic wedding.candles, mantel, vintage, rustic wedding

As a bonus, in case you have not tried this already and you need to add a bit of height to your table or mantelscape, a milk glass bud vase makes a pretty fantastic taper candle holder.

milk glass, candleholder, vintage wedding

At the end of the day, you really can have it all. Try not to focus on those buzzwords and follow your instincts. Find the right designer to pull all of those elements together in a cohesive manner. You know what makes your heart sing. Feel free to mix it up and allow the worlds to collide. Most often, those are the most visually appealing weddings of all.

A Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding! No, really.

I am the luckiest wedding designer in the world. I seem to hit the jackpot of brides with impeccable taste and the willingness to trust me to bring their vision to life. Estee was no exception to my dream bride rule. She tied the knot with her groom, Taylor, at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market in beautiful fashion. Here are a few preliminary images of the true-to-venue fete.

For this farmers market wedding, Estee wanted a, well, farmers market.

rustic wedding, farm stand, mason jars, favors

farm stand, rustic wedding, farmers market

Over 200 pieces of canned wonderfulness adorned our rustic farm stand. Estee offered: dill pickles, cherries, hot sauce, bean salad, jalapenos, banana peppers, handmade soaps, bath salts, bags full of candy, and a list of other amazing treasures to her guests. It was a true sight to behold!

rustic wedding, farm stand, honey favors

rustic wedding, farm stand, favors

The dessert display was simply lovely. Estee chose Wendy Woo Cakes to provide the sugary goodness for her big day. Wendy is a friend of mine and we have collaborated on several events so it was a match made in heaven.

rustic wedding, farmers market, Orlando, 2+Hue rentals and design, farm stand

farmers market wedding, rustic, antique scale, yellow cupcake

farmers market wedding, rustic, mini ruffle cake, yellow, dessert pedestal

Every inch of the farmers market was appointed with elements that defined rustic elegance.

rustic florida wedding, farmers market, pallet, mason jars

And, of course, there was no shortage of handmade details.

rustic wedding, crates, mason jars, handmade fabric flowers

…and chalkboards.

rustic wedding, farmers market, chalkboard

chalkboard, arrow, rustic wedding, guestbook

This is just the beginning, there are a lot more images from Estee and Taylor’s wedding that I cannot wait to share! Stay tuned for more from their big day.

Winter Park Farmers Market Wedding Sneak Peek : March 2013

It has been a few months since I have had a wedding at the Winter Park Farmers Market. I miss the rich rustic wonderfulness of that charming venue so I am thrilled that I will have the opportunity to style a knock-your-socks-off soiree there on Friday night. Here is a sneak peek of one of the pieces of custom handmade perfection that will grace the guest dining tables.

rustic wedding, grey, ivory, handmade fabric flatware holder

And that, my friends, is just the tip of the gorgeous iceberg. Stay tuned for a deluge of more images after the big day!

Orange you glad that I didn’t use pink?

Don’t get me wrong, I love blush pink. That stated, I have been swimming in a sea of blush, mint green and gold for the past two months and I am itching to shake things up a bit with more bold splashes of color. This morning, I whipped up this arrangement of hydrangea, orange ranunculus and white garden roses.

vintage wedding, orange ranunculus, white hydrangea, mason jar centerpiece


I adore the texture of these flowers, the simplicity of the mason jar vase and the bold cheerfulness of the orange accents.

vintage wedding, orange ranunculus, white hydrangea, mason jar centerpiecewhite hydrangea, vintage wedding, mason jar centerpiece, orange ranunculus

vintage wedding, orange ranunculus, white hydrangea, mason jar centerpiecemason jar centerpiece, white garden rose, orange ranunculus

Wishing you a day of pure, colorful inspiration!

Until then,





Antique china, orange blossom heart singing goodness!

amber glass, antique china, wedding, orange blossoms

I literally squealed with delight when I stumbled upon this thirty-eight piece set of antique china perfection in my favorite shop yesterday. I was so excited for all of my brides who will be using my mix and match china this year to accent their vintage fetes.

Orlando vintage wedding, amber glass, antique china, orange blossoms

In addition to the dinner plates, I scored several teacups and saucers.

amber glass, mason jar, Orlando vintage wedding

And some absolutely gorgeous square dessert plates as well.

watercolor calligraphy, Orlando vintage wedding, amber glass

Of course, I decided that this set deserved its very own custom watercolor calligraphy tent. Inspired by the swag floral design on the china itself, I got busy creating a garland to sit atop of the lettering.

vintage, rustic wedding flowers, amber glass, orange blossoms, hypericum berries, ranunculus, hydrangea

And, oh my gracious the flowers! I combined a lovely white ranunculus with a single head of hydrangea and a few spots of blush hypericum berries in the center mason jar. Antique amber glass bottles grace either side and boast selections of hypericum berries and handpicked orange blossoms fresh from my very own tree.

vintage, rustic wedding, orange blossoms, amber glass

It is stated on my website that the scent of orange blossoms makes my heart sing and this is the honest truth. Being the native Florida girl that I am, they are most certainly on my top five list of all-time favorite flowers!

rustic, vintage wedding, orange blossoms, mason jar, amber glass, hydrangea

Wishing everyone a day filled with antique china, orange blossom heart singing goodness!

Gold + Reclaimed Boards = Dreaminess

The response to our gold upholstered chairs has been, well, overwhelming. I have been steadily adding to our collection of gilded beauties since unveiling them at the bridal show last month. As I prepared to design Cypress Grove’s booth for the Perfect Wedding Guide’s booth this past weekend, I decided that the only thing that could make our gold chairs even more awesome was a coordinating reclaimed board plank top table.

2 Plus Hue, Orlando vintage wedding rental, gold farm table, milk glass, roses, hydrangea, ranunculus

I decided to put a gilded twist on this piece. Rather than staining the base of the table in a rich dark shade of rustic, I opted for gold spindle-legged perfection. Brides often ask me how to marry certain elements; how rustic collides with elegance in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ceremony. Well, in short, this is how.

2 Plus Hue, Orlando vintage wedding rental, gold farm table, milk glass, roses, hydrangea, ranunculus

The shimmer of the gold base combined with the warmth of the planks topped by antique china, milk glass and florals steeped in simplicity are the definition of vintage rustic elegance. If you are eager for more images of our table and chairs combo, fret not! They – along with a gathering of other awesome pieces in our inventory – will be featured in a styled shoot next week. I am delighted with our brand new addition and excited about all of the other pieces that we will be adding soon. Around here, there is certainly no shortage of creativity, paint or wood stain.

2 Plus Hue, Orlando vintage wedding rental, gold farm table, milk glass, roses, hydrangea, ranunculus

Beside myself delighted.

Being featured in Southern Weddings Magazine was, as I previously posted, a dream come true. So imagine my excitement when this happened:

2 Plus Hue, Orlando vintage rentals and design, Southern Weddings Magazine, Blue Ribbon Vendor


The very magazine that I adore most, that makes my heart sing, that I draw inspiration from has named me one of the best wedding vendors in the south. I am speechless and grateful and so motivated to continue bringing 2+Hue’s brand of awesomeness to southern vintage weddings. Here is the direct link to my spread on Southern Weddings Magazine’s website:

Thank you, SWM!